2013 MRA In The News

12/19/2013 |  MRA Founder and Chair Debra Black Profiled in Lifestyles Magazine

12/17/2013 |  MRA-Pfizer Academic-Industry Collaboration Mentioned in Forbes Guest Blog by Mikael Dolsten

12/04/2013 |  Jack Hidary Discusses MRA-Hidary Foundation Acral Melanoma Grant Award in the Huffington Post

11/18/2013 |  MRA's CSO Quoted in Dana-Farber Article on New Melanoma Treatments

11/15/2013 |  Melanoma Patient T.J. Sharpe Covers MRA's Annual Benefit Dinner in His Patient #1 Blog

10/15/2013 |  Leading MRA-Supported Researchers Quoted in New York Times Article on Cancer Immunotherapies

08/26/2013 |  MRA Quoted in Chemical Week Article on Sunscreen Ingredients and PASS Coalition

08/18/2013 |  MRA Featured in The Hill Article on Sunscreen Ingredient Regulation

06/03/2013 |  MRA-sponsored investigator Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD, publishes anti-PD-1 study in New England Journal of Medicine

06/03/2013 |  MRA-sponsored investigator Jedd Wolchok, MD, PhD, publishes study in New England Journal of Medicine

05/09/2013 |  MRA-Leveraged Finance Event Featured in the New York Times DealBook

05/06/2013 |  L'Oreal Paris Launches New Alliance with Melanoma Research Alliance to Help Fight Melanoma Among American Women of All Skin Tones

05/01/2013 |  Sports Authority Partners with Melanoma Research Alliance to Educate Public and Spur Research for Skin Cancer

04/11/2013 |  MRA and Stand Up To Cancer Launch New Protect Your Skin PSA Featuring Giada De Laurentiis

2013 MRA Recent Press Releases and Statements

12/03/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and the Hidary Foundation Fund Research Study of Melanoma Genomics

11/22/2013 |  New Research Progress Highlighted at the SMR Annual Congress Meeting

11/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Holds Record-Breaking Benefit Dinner at Sotheby’s New York

10/21/2013 |  MRA Welcomes Two New Board Members-Cindy Hensley McCain and Dr. Elliott Sigal

08/16/2013 |  MRA Commends Illinois on New Tanning Bed Restrictions for Minors

08/12/2013 |  MRA Releases 2013-2014 Request For Proposals

08/08/2013 |  MRA Applauds CDC, Office of the Surgeon General for Focusing on Skin Cancer Prevention

08/02/2013 |  Senate Recommends Increased Funding for Medical Research

08/02/2013 |  MRA Letter to FDA Supporting Reclassification of Tanning Devices

07/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and Prizeo Launch Sweepstakes Campaign to Win the Ultimate American Idol® Live! Tour 2013 Experience

06/26/2013 |  MRA Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

06/18/2013 |  Texas Becomes Fifth State to Enact New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/06/2013 |  MRA Applauds Nevada on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/04/2013 |  MRA Statement on Melanoma Developments at the ASCO 2013 Annual Meeting

05/29/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Two Genetically-Targeted Melanoma Therapies and Companion Diagnostic Test

05/22/2013 |  MRA Applauds Oregon on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

05/13/2013 |  Leveraged Finance Community Unites to Support Melanoma Research Alliance

05/06/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA's Proposed Reclassification of Tanning Devices


04/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance awards $9.6 million in research grants

04/11/2013 |  Giada De Laurentiis Appears in New PSA For the Melanoma Research Alliance and Stand Up To Cancer

04/10/2013 |  Melanoma Developments Highlighted at 2013 AACR Annual Meeting

01/29/2013 |  MRA Names Louise M. Perkins, Ph.D., as First Full-time Chief Science Officer