Melanoma Survivor and Pro Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt Shares His “Game Plan” for Battling Cancer

By Your Cancer Game Plan | 19 September 2017 | Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories, Treatment

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Mike Schmidt, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, is considered to be the greatest third baseman of all-time. As a professional athlete, he always felt invincible, but in 2013 a melanoma diagnosis threw him a curveball that he wasn’t prepared for. 

On his way out of town, Schmidt noticed a lesion on his hand that he thought he should get checked out. After a dermatologist gave him a full examination and biopsied a mole on his back, Schmidt was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. He underwent multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, and spent months fighting for his life. It was a long and challenging road, but in 2014, Schmidt announced his successful recovery.

This experience left the baseball legend with a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to inspire and help other people impacted by cancer. Now, he is speaking out through 

Your Cancer Game Plan, an awareness campaign focused on helping people with cancer and their loved ones tackle emotional, health and communication challenges.   

“Enduring stage III melanoma not only gave me a greater appreciation for the relationships in my life, but a renewed sense of purpose,” said Schmidt. “One way I can give back is to help others find the support, information and tools they need to make it through this journey. I was fortunate that my game plan came together with the support of my family and team of doctors, but I know others may need help taking action.”

Your Cancer Game Plan launched in January 2017 in partnership with Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and leading advocacy groups in the head and neck community. Now, the program is expanding to reach those affected by melanoma. This effort is a collaboration between Merck, CancerCare, AIM at Melanoma, the Melanoma Research Foundation, Melanoma International Foundation and the Melanoma Research Alliance.

We encourage you to visit the campaign’s online hub - – to check out the helpful resources. To hear more about Mike’s story as well as tips from leading cancer advocates, please join a one-hour online discussion on Thursday, October 19th at 11am EST. Visit to register. Hope you can join.

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