Dermatology Fellows Award

The MRA Dermatology Fellowship program, launched in 2019, is part of a broader effort by the Melanoma Research Alliance to further engage dermatologists in research to advance melanoma prevention and early detection. This is important because as recent treatment advances have helped people with melanoma live longer, they have not blunted the ever- increasing number of new melanomas diagnosed each year. This year it’s estimated that more than 100,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma.

The Fellows, all trainees – either as dermatologists or researchers focused on dermatology – will each receive a $35,000 grant to support an independent research or demonstration project focused on advancing melanoma prevention or early detection. Fellows’ research interests are broad, including research aimed at telemedicine, machine learning, and development of a prevention intervention for young adults.

Founding support for this program was generously provided by Denise and Michael Kellen. 

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MRA Dermatology Fellows Program

Not Currently Accepting Applications - RFP to be released in January, 2021

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While the 2021 RFP is not yet available, the 2020 Dermatology Fellows Award - Request for Proposals is available for your review.

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Email questions about this RFP, eligibility, or other issues about MRA or its awards to Rachel Fischer at rfischer@curemelanoma.orgDermatology Fellows Pilot Program6