MRA's Eleventh Annual Scientific Retreat

February 25 - February 27, 2019

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Margaret Anderson, Suzanne Topalian, Debra Black, Georgina Long, Richard Marais, and Jedd Wolchok

The 11th Annual Scientific Retreat will be held February 25 - February 27, 2019 in Washington, DC. The Melanoma Research Alliance Annual Scientific Retreat is an invitation-only, think tank style meeting that promotes collaboration and communication among key stakeholders in the melanoma community. MRA hosts the three-day event to enable the exchange of cutting-edge melanoma research in an interactive forum.

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The Melanoma Research Alliance, the world's largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, hosted over 100 people for an exciting half-day meeting to learn about cutting-edge advances in melanoma treatment and how emerging research can benefit you and your family. The forum brought patients, survivors, and loved ones together with world-renowned melanoma clinicians and researchers to learn from each other, get support, and leave empowered.

Participants walked away with practical tips and strategies to get the most out of their care while navigating melanoma diagnosis, treatment, or beyond. They also learned about emerging breakthrough areas in research such as microbiome, artificial intelligence, and the importance of clinical trials.

Topics to covered: melanoma treatment options and the research agenda, artificial intelligence, the microbiome, getting the best care, clinical trials, and survivorship. 

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