About MRA Video Series


Video Series

These four videos feature MRA leadership, researchers, and supporters describing MRA through some of the lenses that make our organization unique.  The first shows how we're leading the way to a cure, the second takes on our patient and outcomes-focused mindset, the third talks about our dedication to funding the best research as efficiently as possible, and the fourth explains how collaboration is central to our organization.


Leading the Way to a Cure

Through funding breakthrough melanoma research and forging innovative collaborations, MRA is leading the way to a cure for melanoma and galvanizing the field of oncology and cancer treatment.  


Progress for Patients

In the seven years since the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) was founded, the treatment landscape has changed dramatically for melanoma patients. Learn how MRA is shaping this change and why patients and families support MRA's research programs.


Powerful Research; Faster Results

MRA supports both individual investigator and collaborative team projects focused on translational, innovative research that will impact the prevention, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of melanoma in the near and intermediate future. With a World-Class Grant Review Committee and a focus on results, accountability, and the sharing of information, MRA strives to apply its research dollars efficiently.


Collaborating to Defeat Melanoma

MRA has collaboration in its DNA. MRA works with corporations, individuals, foundations, and other allies to raise melanoma awareness and support research. Hear how this collaborative focus also shapes the organization's approach to research through Team Science Awards and Academic-Industry Partnerships.