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Melanoma at 33: A Testament to the Importance of Early Detection

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 23 January 2023 In Melanoma Stories

Before he landed his current office job in the energy sector, Matthew Ruiz worked outdoors for many years. He, along with many of his colleagues in the field, took very few precautions to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. As is the unfortunate reality for many people with a history of significant sun exposure, this lifestyle came full circle for Matthew in 2018 when he was diagnosed with melanoma.

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From Melanoma Patient to Caregiver

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 11 November 2022

By the time she was 26-years old, Leah Adams had spent countless hours tanning. Growing up in Ohio where the winters were long, she felt a pressure to stay tan far beyond the summer months, so she turned to tanning beds.

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Music vs. Melanoma: 13-Year-Old Raises $6K for Research

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 7 October 2022

Cassidy Battin, an 8th grader from Carlsbad, California, and her family are no strangers to melanoma. Her great aunt sadly died of uveal melanoma, a rare subtype that forms in the eye, when Cassidy was younger. Her grandfather also had melanoma, along with several other loved ones in the family.

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Melanoma Clinical Trial Success Story: From Patient Volunteer to No Evidence of Disease

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 3 August 2022 In Melanoma Stories, Science

This Mom of three enrolled in a neoadjuvant clinical trial for Stage 3 melanoma. After two infusions of Opdualag, Shannon underwent a successful surgery where doctors removed all affected lymph nodes and tested them, revealing No Evidence of Disease (NED).

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25-Year-Old Melanoma Patient Runs Marathon to Support Research

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 24 June 2022 In Melanoma Stories

Camille Price was 24-years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. After undergoing surgery and an additional treatment to reduce the likelihood of her melanoma returning, she chose to run the Miami Marathon in support of the Melanoma Research Alliance.

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Why I Step - Lynn Merrill Iverson

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 25 April 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories

In 2021, as part of MRA’s inaugural Step Up for Melanoma challenge, Lynn joined hundreds of supportive and passionate individuals across the country to share Bert’s story, keep his memory alive, raise awareness, and complete 310,000 steps during Melanoma Awareness Month.

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7200 Miles for 7200 Lives Lost: Cycling and Community Building After a Melanoma Diagnosis

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 23 February 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories

Last year in the US, there were an estimated 7,180 deaths from melanoma. For melanoma patient and competitive cyclist Bill Evans, this number is on his mind every single day. Two years into his own journey with advanced melanoma, Bill is raising awareness and funds for melanoma research through cycling, with a goal of completing one mile for every life lost to the disease over the course of a year.

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One Family, One Community, One Goal: Cure Melanoma

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 27 October 2021 In Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories

Melanoma is personal for Kathy Mason, and positivity is a way of life since her son Ryan’s Stage 3 melanoma diagnosis at only 24-years old. 

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Turning Memory Into Action: Honoring Her Father and Raising Awareness

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 24 May 2021

In 2021, 7,180 people are estimated to lose their lives due to melanoma in the United States alone. That’s 7,180 individuals – fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, partners and more – gone but for the impact they had, and the memories and loved ones that they left behind. Those left behind, be it family...

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Creating Art to Create Change: The Power to Heal & Mobilize Community

By Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate | 11 January 2021 In Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories

Following the initial shock of her diagnosis and the strain of facing treatments on her own, Barbara was faced with yet another hurdle. Her arm surgery had left it nearly immobile. Not only was this a problem for her daily functioning, it made it extremely difficult for Barbara to pursue her lifelong passion of art.

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Renee Orcione, MRA Development Associate

Renee Orcione joined the MRA team as a Development Associate in the start of 2020. In her role, Renee supports the Development Department in their efforts to advance and reach annual fundraising goals. Renee is directly responsible for the daily operations of her department, including supporting fundraising events and outreach, gift processing and research, and assisting in data entry, administration, and reporting.

Renee graduated with a BA in Public Communications and Spanish from American University’s School of Communication in 2016. While in college, she discovered her passion for non-profit work while interning with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and was involved with several other mission-based organizations, including Run Hope Work and City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties. She comes to MRA after spending two years at Child Care Aware of America, a nonprofit focused on advancing quality child care for all families.

Outside of the office, Renee enjoys traveling with her husband, visiting her family in Massachusetts, and spending time with her dog Linus, who she adopted through City Dogs Rescue.