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Mollie’s Fund Partners to Prevent Skin Cancers Among Firefighters

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 8 September 2022 In Prevention

Every day firefighters put their own safety on the line to protect the lives and property of others. It’s a tough job that puts those who do it at increased risk for burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries.

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Improving AI Performance for People of Color: Diagnosing Melanoma & Other Skin Cancers

By Marc Hurlbert, PhD, MRA Chief Executive Officer | 12 August 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Prevention, Science

The problem with the current state-of-the-art AI and image-based algorithms is that they have been developed using images of moles from light skinned (white) individuals. As a result, existing AI tools are not sensitive enough in people with darker skin. Dr. Albert Chiou, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at Stanford University, the junior faculty member on the L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty Brands-MRA Team Science Award, and his colleagues are working to fix these shortcomings.

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MRA's Latest Research Report: The Melanoma Research Community Reunites

11 August 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, News, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Each year, MRA brings together hundreds of people from across the melanoma research community to exchange ideas, report on scientific progress, celebrate achievements, and mourn our collective losses.

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Are On a Mission to Save Your Skin

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 27 June 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Prevention

Dr. Beth and Elianna Goldstein aren’t your usual mother-daughter duo. That’s because they are just as comfortable heading to yoga together as they are reviewing quarterly sales projections for their startup, Modern Ritual. The company, launched in 2020, creates simple and effective skin care products and services to protect you...

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Preventing Melanomas Before they Happen in Oregon Schools

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 22 June 2022 In Prevention, Science

Dr. Haag and his team had an ambitious goal: they wanted the melanoma prevention and early detection curriculum taught in every high school throughout the state of Oregon. Their curriculum has now been taught to 10,653 students across 79 high schools throughout Oregon.

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Leveraged Finance & Private Equity Communities Unite to Raise Record $3 Million for Melanoma Research

21 June 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, News, Prevention

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, more than 900 people from over 100 firms from the leveraged finance and private equity communities came together for the Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma (LFFM) benefit and cocktail party. Hosted at the Museum of Modern Art, the event raised a record breaking $3 million for the Melanoma Research Alliance’s (MRA) mission to advance the world’s most innovative and promising melanoma research.

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MRA Announces $13 Million in Grants to Advance Melanoma Prevention, Detection & Treatment

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 19 May 2022 In News, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Coinciding with Melanoma Awareness Month, the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, today announced funding for 27 research grants totaling $13,046,774 to support new research aimed at advancing melanoma prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Gary Deng & The Wellness Principles

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 9 May 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Prevention, Treatment

Gary Deng, MD, PhD – an integrative medicine specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – knows this firsthand. And now, for the first time, Dr. Deng is sharing his unique and highly respected wellness approach with everyone through his upcoming book, The Wellness Principles – Cooking for a Healthy Life.

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Recordings from MRA's 2022 Patient Forum

16 March 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, News, Policy, Prevention, Science, Treatment

MRA’s Melanoma Exchange Patient Forum, held in-person in Washington DC and virtually on March 9, 2022, brought together hundreds of melanoma patients, survivors, advocates, and their loved ones to provide lay-friendly, state-of-the-science education, promote collaboration, and provided networking opportunities across the melanoma community.

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Testing AI in the Melanoma: From Promise to Action

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 8 March 2022 In Prevention, Science

If you browse through your phone’s app store, you’ll find dozens of apps promising to help determine if a mole you’ve been staring at is cancerous or not based on the power of AI. While a great goal, none of these apps have earned approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, to do so, apps — and the algorithms that they rely on — will need to be rigorously tested in the real world and across diverse populations. This is exactly where Dr. Novoa’s research is aimed.

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