Scientific Retreat

MRA’s Annual Scientific Retreat is an invitation-only, think-tank-style meeting focused on the exchange of cutting-edge melanoma research as well as discussion of issues of broad interest to the oncology community. The 10th Annual Scientific Retreat will be held February 28th - March 2nd, 2018. Retreat participants will include clinical and scientific thought leaders including leading scientists from the United States and abroad, as well as senior leadership from industry, government agencies, non-profit foundations, and other like-minded organizations. The purpose of the retreat is to advance the melanoma field by facilitating early sharing of data in an interactive forum. The retreat agenda will feature MRA-funded investigators discussing their work as well as lectures and panel sessions on special topics of interest, such as regulatory and policy issues that impact the pace of research.

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MRA is grateful to its corporate allies for their generous financial and in-kind support of the retreat. For more information on sponsoring the 2018 retreat, please contact Scientific Program Manager Tasheema Prince

For more information on the final program, please find the agenda here.

More information about past retreats, including summary reports, agendas, and participants is available in the links on the left.  


MRA Scientific Retreat Summary Video

"Excellent program. Very informative, stimulating and helpful."

- MRA-Funded Established Investigator

"I was extremely impressed with the high level of the scientific presentations. It was encouraging to see the active participation of academic, industry, and government groups - an ideal process for accelerating the pace of development and registration of melanoma treatment options."

- Industry Attendee