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Having Melanoma Made Me a Better Dermatologist: Dr. Beth Strow’s Story

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 29 May 2023 In Melanoma Stories

Dr. Beth Strow’s path to dermatology was neither short nor simple, but it was exactly where she was meant to end up. In fact, her first step into the medical field was as a nurse, when she worked for some time at Children's Hospital of Chicago at Northwestern University.

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JD Durkin: An Early-Stage Melanoma & Redefining His Relationship with the Sun

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 26 April 2023 In Melanoma Stories, Prevention

As he entered his 30s, skin exams and biopsies were a regular and frequent occurrence in J.D. Durkin’s life. Growing up with many irregular moles, he started seeing his dermatologist regularly at just 10-years old. Unfortunately for J.D., this meant many excisional biopsies.

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Trust Your Gut & Other Tips for Facing Melanoma

20 April 2023 In Events, Melanoma Stories, Treatment

Whether new to melanoma or well into your journey — as a patient, survivor, or caregiver — practical tips, strategies, and advice were shared at the 2022 MRA Melanoma Exchange Patient and Advocate Forum. Speakers at the Forum discussed what types of providers to seek, how to find information about your disease, how to advocate...

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Recordings from MRA's 2023 Patient Forum

16 March 2023 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, News, Policy, Prevention, Science, Treatment

MRA’s 2023 Patient Forum brought together melanoma patients, survivors, advocates, and their loved ones to provide lay-friendly, state-of-the-science education and promote collaboration.

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Facing Mucosal Melanoma, this Patient Turned to a TIL Clinical Trial

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Senior Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 27 February 2023 In Melanoma Stories

In July of 2018, after a string of false starts and dead ends, Chris White was finally diagnosed with mucosal melanoma, a rare subtype of melanoma that forms on ‘wet tissues’ in the body. Mucosal melanoma accounts for about 1% of all melanoma diagnosis and can affect the nasal cavity,...

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Leading the Charge: MRA 2022 Annual Report

1 February 2023 In Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories, News, Policy, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Since our inception in 2007, the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) has been laser-focused on advancing cutting-edge research needed to achieve our mission. With our singular vision, MRA stands as the largest private nonprofit funder of melanoma research in the world.

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Melanoma at 33: A Testament to the Importance of Early Detection

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 23 January 2023 In Melanoma Stories

Before he landed his current office job in the energy sector, Matthew Ruiz worked outdoors for many years. He, along with many of his colleagues in the field, took very few precautions to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. As is the unfortunate reality for many people with a history of significant sun exposure, this lifestyle came full circle for Matthew in 2018 when he was diagnosed with melanoma.

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MRA's Latest Research Report: The Melanoma Research Community Reunites

11 August 2022 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, News, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Each year, MRA brings together hundreds of people from across the melanoma research community to exchange ideas, report on scientific progress, celebrate achievements, and mourn our collective losses.

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Melanoma Clinical Trial Success Story: From Patient Volunteer to No Evidence of Disease

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 3 August 2022 In Melanoma Stories, Science

This Mom of three enrolled in a neoadjuvant clinical trial for Stage 3 melanoma. After two infusions of Opdualag, Shannon underwent a successful surgery where doctors removed all affected lymph nodes and tested them, revealing No Evidence of Disease (NED).

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25-Year-Old Melanoma Patient Runs Marathon to Support Research

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 24 June 2022 In Melanoma Stories

Camille Price was 24-years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. After undergoing surgery and an additional treatment to reduce the likelihood of her melanoma returning, she chose to run the Miami Marathon in support of the Melanoma Research Alliance.

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