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5/11/22 | The Melanoma Research Alliance Names Dr. Marc Hurlbert as Chief Executive Officer

3/18/22 | MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Relatlimab + Nivolumab for Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

1/26/22 | MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Tebentafusp, the First Drug for Treating Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

12/6/21 | MRA Applauds Expanded Approval of Pembrolizumab to Patients with Stage 2 Melanoma

10/4/21 | Leveraged Finance & Private Equity Communities Come Together to Raise $2.4 Million at 10th Annual LFFM Event

7/8/2021 | MRA Announces 13 Dermatology Fellowship Award Recipients

4/27/2021 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $8.1 million in Research Awards

12/28/2020 | Leading Organizations Applaud Congress on $30 Million Dedicated to Melanoma Research within the Department of Defense FY21 Appropriations

12/2/2020 | MRF & MRA Commend the Senate Appropriations Committee for Including $30 million for Defense-Funded Melanoma Research in FY2021 Bill

10/8/2020 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces 13 Dermatology Fellowship Awards

8/3/2020 | Melanoma Research Alliance Hails FDA’s First ‘Triplet’ Combination Approval for Melanoma

4/30/2020 | MRA Announces $11 Million in New Funding for 26 Grant Awards to Advance Melanoma Research

12/19/2019 | Leading Melanoma Organizations Applaud Congress for Supporting $20 million for Defense-Funded Melanoma Research

11/5/2019 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Almost $20 Million in New Funding to Support Melanoma Research Program

10/10/19 | Two New $1 Million Research Grants Focus on Metastasis of Melanoma

 9/4/19 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Nine Research Awards in Inaugural Class of Dermatology Fellows

5/31/19 | Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer & Melanoma Research Alliance Announce Grant Award Focusing on Immunotherapy Side Effects

5/23/19 | Leveraged Finance Community Unites to Raise Awareness and Critical Funding for Melanoma Research

4/30/19 | MRA Announces $8.2 Million for 33 Grant Awards to Advance Melanoma Research

2/25/19 | MRA Launches “Fight Back Give Back” Campaign to Highlight Importance of Clinical Trials in Patient Care and Research Process

2/20/19 | Melanoma Research Alliance Welcomes FDA Approval of Pembrolizumab in Adjuvant Setting

10/4/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Appoints Marc Hurlbert, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer

10/1/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Applauds Advisory Panel Member Jim Allison for Nobel Prize in Medicine

9/20/18 | The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) and the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) Commend the House and Senate Appropriations Committees for Including $10 Million in Dedicated Funding for Melanoma Research in the FY19 Defense Appropriations Bill.

8/7/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces New Funding Opportunity for
Research to Accelerate Progress Toward Curing Melanoma

6/27/18 | MRA Applauds Latest Melanoma Drug Approval 

5/24/18 | Leveraged Finance Industry Raises Record $2 million for Life-Saving Melanoma Research

5/10/18 | New Grants Totaling $2.6 Million Fund Work to Reduce Immunotherapy Side Effects

5/1/18 | MRA Hails FDA Approval of the First Targeted Oral Therapy to Reduce Risk of BRAF-Mutated Melanoma Returning After Surgery

4/24/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $11.8 Million in 28 New Grants to Advance Melanoma Research

12/21/17 | MRA Applauds FDA Approval of Nivolumab to Reduce the Risk of Melanoma Returning After Surgery

12/5/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Antidote Technologies Unveil Clinical Trial Locator, Giving Patients Better Access to Clinical Trials and Accelerating Research 

11/15/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Inspire Launch Online Community Focused on Research and Clinical Trials 

11/7/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance Raises Record $20 Million Dollars for Groundbreaking Melanoma Research at 10th Anniversary Art Preview and Benefit Gala

6/30/2017 | American Cancer Society and Melanoma Research Alliance Partner to Improve Immunotherapy Outcomes

5/25/2017 | Leveraged Finance Industry Raises $1.8 million at Sixth Annual Melanoma Benefit

5/1/2017 | Leveraged Finance Industry to Gather at Sixth Annual Melanoma Benefit

4/27/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces More Than $8.5 million in New Grants for Melanoma Research

05/26/2016 |  Senate Appropriations Committee Increases Military Cancer Research Funding to $60 Million

05/17/2016 |  Patient advocate Michael Kaplan to lead Melanoma Research Alliance

05/03/2016 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Over $10.5 Million in New Research Awards

03/30/2016 |  Immunotherapy and Melanoma Research Get Big Boost with Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute

01/20/2016 |  MRA Provides Comments to FDA on Sunlamp Products

12/23/2015 |  Melanoma Treatments Made Great Strides in 2015

11/10/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Applauds Latest Approved Combination Therapy

11/09/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Hosts Benefit Dinner at Sotheby’s to Raise Funds for Groundbreaking Melanoma Research

10/29/2015 |  MRA Hails FDA Approval of Expanded Treatment for Melanoma

10/28/2015 |  MRA Lauds FDA Approval of First Vaccine for Melanoma Treatment

10/01/2015 |  MRA Hails FDA Approval of First Combination Immunotherapy for Melanoma

09/09/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Appoints Robin L. Davisson, Ph.D., President and CEO-Elect

09/08/2015 |  MRA Applauds James Allison for Prestigious Lasker Award

08/27/2015 |  MRA Applauds Latest Drug Approval Abroad

08/17/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Elects Mary Jo Rogers to Board of Directors

06/23/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Announces More Than $13 million in New Grants for Melanoma Research

06/17/2015 |  Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $50 Million for Military Cancer Research

06/03/2015 |  2015 ASCO Meeting Highlights Impact of Melanoma Research On Field of Oncology

05/04/2015 |  MRA Teams with L’Oréal Paris for It’s THAT Worth It™ Public Health Campaign & Social Media Call to Action

04/24/2015 |  2015 AACR Annual Meeting Highlights Developments in Melanoma Research

04/07/2015 |  Leveraged Finance Industry to Gather to Fight Melanoma


01/30/2015 |  MRA Applauds President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

01/13/2015 |  MRA Lauds Chair of Scientific Advisory Panel for Peer Recognition

12/22/2014 |  MRA Applauds Latest Melanoma Drug Approval

12/11/2014 |  MRA-MRF Urge Congress to Approve Funding for Melanoma Research

12/10/2014 |  Final Budget Bill Doubles DoD Funding Available for Melanoma Research

12/03/2014 |  NCI FY 2016 Budget Plan Highlights Critical Opportunities

11/17/2014 |  Society of Melanoma Research International Congress

11/13/2014 |  MRA Applauds Congress for Getting the Sunscreen Innovation Act over the Goal Line

09/26/2014 |  AACR Conference Showcases Developments in Melanoma

09/17/2014 |  MRA Applauds Senate Passage of the Sunscreen Innovation Act

09/12/2014 |  MRA Letter of Support to Senate on the Sunscreen Innovation Act

09/04/2014 |  MRA Applauds Latest Drug Approval as Major Breakthrough

09/02/2014 |  MRA Announces 2014-2015 Request For Proposals

08/29/2014 |  MRA Comments to Senate HELP Committee on the Sunscreen Innovation Act

07/28/2014 |  MRA Applauds Speedy Passage of Sunscreen Innovation Act

07/21/2014 |  (Video) Watch Melanoma Expert Dr. Jedd Wolchok Talk about PD-1 Clinical Trials

07/11/2014 |  MRA Hails Launch of Expanded Access Program in Advanced Melanoma


07/07/2014 |  MRA Applauds Hawaii for Becoming 10th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

06/16/2014 |  MRA Ranked #1 Grant-Giving Disease Foundation by GEN

06/03/2014 |  ASCO Annual Meeting Features Developments in Melanoma Research and Immunotherapies

05/29/2014 |  MRA Applauds Louisiana for Becoming 9th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

05/29/2014 |  MRA Applauds FDA's Reclassification of Tanning Devices

05/27/2014 |  MRA Welcomes Distinguished Physician-Scientist Suzanne L. Topalian, M.D., to its Board of Directors

05/27/2014 |  MRA Applauds Minnesota for Becoming 8th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

05/22/2014 |  MRA Applauds Launch of Expanded Access Program in Advanced Melanoma

05/01/2014 |  It’s THAT Worth It™ Campaign Ambassadors Urge Public to Join the Thunderclap to Raise Awareness to Prevent Melanoma and Support Life-Saving Research

04/16/2014 |  AMERICAN IDOL® LIVE! 2014 TOUR Supports the Melanoma Research Alliance

12/03/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and the Hidary Foundation Fund Research Study of Melanoma Genomics

11/22/2013 |  New Research Progress Highlighted at the SMR Annual Congress Meeting

11/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Holds Record-Breaking Benefit Dinner at Sotheby’s New York

10/21/2013 |  MRA Welcomes Two New Board Members-Cindy Hensley McCain and Dr. Elliott Sigal

08/16/2013 |  MRA Commends Illinois on New Tanning Bed Restrictions for Minors

08/12/2013 |  MRA Releases 2013-2014 Request For Proposals

08/08/2013 |  MRA Applauds CDC, Office of the Surgeon General for Focusing on Skin Cancer Prevention

08/02/2013 |  Senate Recommends Increased Funding for Medical Research

08/02/2013 |  MRA Letter to FDA Supporting Reclassification of Tanning Devices

07/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and Prizeo Launch Sweepstakes Campaign to Win the Ultimate American Idol® Live! Tour 2013 Experience

06/26/2013 |  MRA Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

06/18/2013 |  Texas Becomes Fifth State to Enact New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/06/2013 |  MRA Applauds Nevada on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/04/2013 |  MRA Statement on Melanoma Developments at the ASCO 2013 Annual Meeting

05/29/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Two Genetically-Targeted Melanoma Therapies and Companion Diagnostic

05/22/2013 |  MRA Applauds Oregon on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

05/13/2013 |  Leveraged Finance Community Unites to Support Melanoma Research Alliance

05/06/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA's Proposed Reclassification of Tanning Devices


04/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance awards $9.6 million in research grants

04/11/2013 |  Giada De Laurentiis Appears in New PSA For the Melanoma Research Alliance and Stand Up To Cancer

04/10/2013 |  Melanoma Developments Highlighted at 2013 AACR Annual Meeting

01/29/2013 |  MRA Names Louise M. Perkins, Ph.D., as First Full-time Chief Science Officer

12/18/2012 |  New Cancer Immunology Dream Team Announced

09/27/2012 |  Stand Up To Cancer and the Melanoma Research Alliance collaborate on PSA starring Laura Linney

09/26/2012 |  MRA's letter to support Life-Threatening Diseases Compassion Through Combination Therapy Act of 2012

09/21/2012 |  MRA Welcomes MD Anderson’s “Moon Shots” Program Effort

09/11/2012 |  The Melanoma Research Alliance featured in Stand Up To Cancer Telecast

07/06/2012 |  MRA releases comments on USPSTF Transparency and Accountability Act of 2012

06/20/2012 |  Dermascope: The Science of Prevention by MRA's Laura Brockway-Lunardi

06/04/2012 |  MRA-Funded Studies Take Center Stage in Fight against Deadly Skin Cancer at ASCO

05/17/2012 |  A preview of melanoma discoveries to come at ASCO 2012

05/14/2012 |  MRA's Letter to Congressman Bilbray in support of establishing a skin cancer fund at NIH

05/08/2012 |  MRA releases statement on Federal Task Force recommendations on preventing skin cancer

04/24/2012 |  MRA awards $4.9 million in research grants to investigators at 22 labs

04/05/2012 |  MRA Releases Statement on the Mayo Clinic's Study Concerning the Increasing Incidence of Melanoma

04/04/2012 |  Progress in melanoma highlighted at 2012 AACR meeting

02/01/2012 |  MRA releases statement on new report about the dangers of tanning beds

12/15/2011 |  Statement from MRA's Wendy Selig about Innovative Dream Team

12/14/2011 |  MRA and SU2C announce Melanoma Dream Team Award

10/10/2011 |  MRA Congratulates California on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

09/20/2011 |  Wendy Selig comments on release of AACR Cancer Progress Report 2011

08/17/2011 |  MRA Applauds Today's FDA Approval of Breakthrough New Treatment for Fighting Melanoma

07/25/2011 |  MRA Corporate Allies Step Up Efforts in May

07/12/2011 |  MRA Awards $5.6 Million in Research Grants

06/15/2011 |  MRA Welcomes FDA Regulations on Sunscreen Products

06/12/2011 |  MRA Remembers Courage of Laura Ziskin

06/06/2011 |  MRA Welcomes Latest Advances in Melanomaand Research Findings Revealed at ASCO Annual Meeting

03/25/2011 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Welcomes Approval of Ipilimumab to Treat Melanoma

11/11/2010 |  MRA Salutes Progress in Melanoma Research

11/01/2010 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Raises $5 Million at First Annual Benefit Dinner

09/07/2010 |  MRA Comments in Response to the FDA's Request for Information about Methodologic and Regulatory Issues in the Development of Combinatorial Therapies