At the Melanoma Research Alliance, we believe that every team member plays a vital role in furthering our mission of ending suffering and deaths from melanoma. Our approach to our mission is guided in three ways:

  • Science Leads the Way: our mission is to advance scientific research to save lives and improve outcomes for those impacted by a melanoma diagnosis.
  • Collaboration: we believe that collaboration is critical to moving our ambitious agenda forward. Beyond academia, we forge partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, biotech, and other non-profits to propel innovative research.
  • Patient-focused: our mission is always in service for the people who have been impacted by a melanoma diagnosis: patients and caregivers.

MRA is hard at work unraveling some of the biggest unanswered questions facing melanoma patients today. Breakthroughs happen when we work together. Join our team!

Current Opportunities

To apply for a position at MRA, please submit a resume AND cover letter to with the name of the position being applied for referenced in the subject line. Please note – the employment email at MRA is only checked daily when a current opening is posted on the MRA website.