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Melanoma Patient Reosurces

A diagnosis of cancer can be shocking and overwhelming. There are many factors that impact patients during this journey and they extend beyond medical care. Below are some resources that may help patients and caregivers during their journey.

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The Melanoma Exchange provides a critical platform for all those touched by melanoma to find support and ask questions related to melanoma, melanoma treatment and relevant research, including clinical trials. Group members share personal experiences and insight, the latest treatment news, dispel rumors about clinical trials, and more in this supportive setting. Join the conversation!

Treatment Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has created the NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Melanoma (2018). The guide provides easy-to-read guidance for patients as they navigate melanoma treatment. 

Patient Assistance Programs

In addition, the pharmaceutical companies that make melanoma drugs have programs to help support patients with access to medication. Below are links to some of these programs.

Support for BRAF Mutation Testing

The Know Now BRAF Testing Program offers BRAF testing at no cost to you—whether or not you are BRAF+. After taking a tissue sample, your doctor will complete and send the Request Form to Quest Diagnostics. Ask your doctor to request a test—they can download the BRAF Test Request Form or get answers to any questions by visiting or calling 1-866-226-8046.

Social Support

From emotional support to personal care, these websites provide other social support information that may be helpful.

Travel Support


The NIH has tips for returning to work after treatment.

Other Resources