Screening & Diagnosis

Regular self-checks and skin exams can find melanoma and other skin cancers early and save your life. Learn more about screenings, biopsies, biomarkers, & more below.

Self-Checks & Skin Exams

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The earlier a melanoma is caught, the better the outcome. Learn more about the role of self-checks, full-body skin exams, and the tools medical professionals may use to examine - and monitor - your skin. Learn more about self-checks and skin exams.

Diagnosing Melanoma

Community 4xAfter finding a suspicious lesion, you and your doctor may decide to closely monitor it over time, use a non-invasive test or biopsy to determine if it's melanoma, or remove it altogether. Learn more about non-invasive testing, biopsies, and more.

Biomarker & Prognostic Testing 

Community 4xAfter being diagnosed with melanoma, other tests may be provide additional information about your future treatment options and next steps. Learn more about biomarker and prognostic testing.

Were you or a loved one just diagnosed with melanoma? We have the resources to help. 

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