Funding Opportunities

MRA is the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research. MRA’s investment in the field has been critical in catalyzing transformative, strategic, and collaborative investments in scientific discovery and translation.

Each year, MRA selects new research awards to address critical unmet needs in melanoma detection, prognostication, and treatment. All grant awards are selected by MRA’s Grant Review Committee through a diligent peer review process and are confirmed by our Board of Directors. To date, MRA has invested over $150 million in life-saving melanoma research, and leveraged an additional $415 million in collaborative and follow-on funding towards its mission.

Current Funding Opportunities:

  • Next Steps Program - The second of three Request for Applications to be released through the Next Steps Program is now open for applications.
  • MRA 2023 - 2024 Requests for Proposals - No longer accepting applications.

Learn more about specific MRA-funded awardsgrant mechanisms, or review MRA Award Terms and Conditions. 

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MRA encourages applications from a diverse pool of investigators with respect to race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, and disability. MRA recognizes that diversity in the biomedical research workforce is critical for ensuring that the most creative minds have the opportunity to contribute to realizing our research goals and to ensuring more equitable health outcomes for all. 

MRA is a CCSG Recognized Funder:
The Melanoma Research Alliance is recognized by the NIH as meeting approved standards for peer review. Thus, multi-year research programs, excluding pilot projects, funded by MRA are eligible for consideration as part of the research program via the National Institutes of Health P30 Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSG). To qualify for this, MRA has met the specific minimum levels of “peer reviewed, funded research projects.” Please click here for more information.

Nico Starink - Senior Associate, Registry and Grants