Fueling a Revolution: Driving Research Forward

21 October 2020 | Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories, News, Policy, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Fueling Revolution

MRA is powering a revolution in melanoma research. A revolution that is not only benefiting patients with melanoma but also impacting the field of oncology at large.

MRA’s investment and power as a convener have paved the way for research advancements, scientific collaborations, and breakthroughs that are improving health outcomes every day for melanoma patients.

Over the years there have been FDA treatment approvals—13 and counting—as well as improved strategies for detection, a broader array of treatment options, and increased survivorship for many patients.

There has been constant innovation, and a continual assessment of lessons learned to help inform future strategies.

The field has advanced checkpoint immune therapy, targeted kinase inhibitors, and microbiome research.

Despite immense progress and an expanded arsenal of treatments, there are still too many patients who are not yet benefiting from even the latest advancements. To address this and better understand why some melanomas resist treatment altogether — and to prevent melanoma in the first place — MRA has also been investing in research to identify biomarkers for prognosis (to help determine which early-stage patients are at high risk), innovative telemedicine models of care, and big data and artificial intelligence to help move the field ahead, no matter how high the bar.

The revolution is here.

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