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The Melanoma Research Alliance is the world's largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, the deadliest form of skin cancer.  Founded in 2007 by Debra and Leon Black, MRA has invested over $160 million and leveraged an additional $450 million to support the best minds in science – from those investigating early detection to new treatments to scientists unraveling the complexities of rare melanoma and metastatic melanomas.  MRA-funded researchers have been at the vanguard of every major breakthrough of melanoma prevention, detection, treatments and survivorship.  Our approach accelerates the entire fields and moves closer to the answers we need.

With access to 200+ leading clinicians and scientists in the field and an in-house team of experts, the Melanoma Research Alliance is a trusted resource for members of the media to discuss the latest in melanoma research, skin health, dermatology advances and news.

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MRA Director, Communications and Engagement, Dana Deighton
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6/13/24 | Record Breaking $4 Million Raised at 13th Annual Leveraged Finance Fights Melanoma Benefit for the Melanoma Research Alliance

6/6/24 | Melanoma Research Alliance Names Dana Deighton as Director of Communications and Engagement

5/1/24 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $12.6 Million Investment in Cutting Edge Melanoma Research

2/16/24 | Melanoma Research Alliance Applauds FDA Approval of First Cellular Therapy in Melanoma

10/13/23 | MRA Applauds Expanded Approval of Nivolumab to Patients with Stage 2 Disease

8/15/23 | Melanoma Research Alliance Statement on FDA Approval of Hepzato Kit for Patients with Uveal Melanoma with Liver Metastases

7/20/23 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces 2023 Dermatology Fellowship Award Recipients

7/10/23 | Melanoma Research Alliance's RARE Registry for Acral & Mucosal Melanoma Surpasses Industry-Leading 100-Patient Milestone

6/15/23 | Leveraged Finance Community Raises $3.1 Million for Innovative & Lifesaving Melanoma Research

5/01/23 | MRA Announces $6.3 Million in Grants to Advance Melanoma Prevention, Detection & Treatment

4/27/23 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Spot My UV Renew Partnership to Promote Sun Safety

4/18/23 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Bimini Bay Outfitters Join Forces to Advance Research & Promote Sun Safety

6/17/22 | Leveraged Finance & Private Equity Communities Unite to Raise Record $3 Million for Melanoma Research

5/19/22 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $13 Million in Grants to Advance Melanoma Prevention, Detection & Treatment

5/11/22 | The Melanoma Research Alliance Names Dr. Marc Hurlbert as Chief Executive Officer

3/18/22 | MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Relatlimab + Nivolumab for Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

1/26/22 | MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Tebentafusp, the First Drug for Treating Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

12/6/21 | MRA Applauds Expanded Approval of Pembrolizumab to Patients with Stage 2 Melanoma

10/4/21 | Leveraged Finance & Private Equity Communities Come Together to Raise $2.4 Million at 10th Annual LFFM Event

7/8/2021 | MRA Announces 13 Dermatology Fellowship Award Recipients

4/27/2021 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $8.1 million in Research Awards

12/28/2020 | Leading Organizations Applaud Congress on $30 Million Dedicated to Melanoma Research within the Department of Defense FY21 Appropriations

12/2/2020 | MRF & MRA Commend the Senate Appropriations Committee for Including $30 million for Defense-Funded Melanoma Research in FY2021 Bill

10/8/2020 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces 13 Dermatology Fellowship Awards

8/3/2020 | Melanoma Research Alliance Hails FDA’s First ‘Triplet’ Combination Approval for Melanoma

4/30/2020 | MRA Announces $11 Million in New Funding for 26 Grant Awards to Advance Melanoma Research

12/19/2019 | Leading Melanoma Organizations Applaud Congress for Supporting $20 million for Defense-Funded Melanoma Research

11/5/2019 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Almost $20 Million in New Funding to Support Melanoma Research Program

10/10/19 | Two New $1 Million Research Grants Focus on Metastasis of Melanoma

 9/4/19 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Nine Research Awards in Inaugural Class of Dermatology Fellows

5/31/19 | Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer & Melanoma Research Alliance Announce Grant Award Focusing on Immunotherapy Side Effects

5/23/19 | Leveraged Finance Community Unites to Raise Awareness and Critical Funding for Melanoma Research

4/30/19 | MRA Announces $8.2 Million for 33 Grant Awards to Advance Melanoma Research

2/25/19 | MRA Launches “Fight Back Give Back” Campaign to Highlight Importance of Clinical Trials in Patient Care and Research Process

2/20/19 | Melanoma Research Alliance Welcomes FDA Approval of Pembrolizumab in Adjuvant Setting

10/4/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Appoints Marc Hurlbert, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer

10/1/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Applauds Advisory Panel Member Jim Allison for Nobel Prize in Medicine

9/20/18 | The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) and the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) Commend the House and Senate Appropriations Committees for Including $10 Million in Dedicated Funding for Melanoma Research in the FY19 Defense Appropriations Bill.

8/7/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces New Funding Opportunity for
Research to Accelerate Progress Toward Curing Melanoma

6/27/18 | MRA Applauds Latest Melanoma Drug Approval 

5/24/18 | Leveraged Finance Industry Raises Record $2 million for Life-Saving Melanoma Research

5/10/18 | New Grants Totaling $2.6 Million Fund Work to Reduce Immunotherapy Side Effects

5/1/18 | MRA Hails FDA Approval of the First Targeted Oral Therapy to Reduce Risk of BRAF-Mutated Melanoma Returning After Surgery

4/24/18 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces $11.8 Million in 28 New Grants to Advance Melanoma Research

12/21/17 | MRA Applauds FDA Approval of Nivolumab to Reduce the Risk of Melanoma Returning After Surgery

12/5/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Antidote Technologies Unveil Clinical Trial Locator, Giving Patients Better Access to Clinical Trials and Accelerating Research 

11/15/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance and Inspire Launch Online Community Focused on Research and Clinical Trials 

11/7/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance Raises Record $20 Million Dollars for Groundbreaking Melanoma Research at 10th Anniversary Art Preview and Benefit Gala

6/30/2017 | American Cancer Society and Melanoma Research Alliance Partner to Improve Immunotherapy Outcomes

5/25/2017 | Leveraged Finance Industry Raises $1.8 million at Sixth Annual Melanoma Benefit

5/1/2017 | Leveraged Finance Industry to Gather at Sixth Annual Melanoma Benefit

4/27/2017 | Melanoma Research Alliance Announces More Than $8.5 million in New Grants for Melanoma Research

05/26/2016 |  Senate Appropriations Committee Increases Military Cancer Research Funding to $60 Million

05/17/2016 |  Patient advocate Michael Kaplan to lead Melanoma Research Alliance

05/03/2016 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Announces Over $10.5 Million in New Research Awards

03/30/2016 |  Immunotherapy and Melanoma Research Get Big Boost with Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute

01/20/2016 |  MRA Provides Comments to FDA on Sunlamp Products

12/23/2015 |  Melanoma Treatments Made Great Strides in 2015

11/10/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Applauds Latest Approved Combination Therapy

11/09/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Hosts Benefit Dinner at Sotheby’s to Raise Funds for Groundbreaking Melanoma Research

10/29/2015 |  MRA Hails FDA Approval of Expanded Treatment for Melanoma

10/28/2015 |  MRA Lauds FDA Approval of First Vaccine for Melanoma Treatment

10/01/2015 |  MRA Hails FDA Approval of First Combination Immunotherapy for Melanoma

09/09/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Appoints Robin L. Davisson, Ph.D., President and CEO-Elect

09/08/2015 |  MRA Applauds James Allison for Prestigious Lasker Award

08/27/2015 |  MRA Applauds Latest Drug Approval Abroad

08/17/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Elects Mary Jo Rogers to Board of Directors

06/23/2015 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Announces More Than $13 million in New Grants for Melanoma Research

06/17/2015 |  Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $50 Million for Military Cancer Research

06/03/2015 |  2015 ASCO Meeting Highlights Impact of Melanoma Research On Field of Oncology

05/04/2015 |  MRA Teams with L’Oréal Paris for It’s THAT Worth It™ Public Health Campaign & Social Media Call to Action

04/24/2015 |  2015 AACR Annual Meeting Highlights Developments in Melanoma Research

04/07/2015 |  Leveraged Finance Industry to Gather to Fight Melanoma


01/30/2015 |  MRA Applauds President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

01/13/2015 |  MRA Lauds Chair of Scientific Advisory Panel for Peer Recognition

12/22/2014 |  MRA Applauds Latest Melanoma Drug Approval

12/11/2014 |  MRA-MRF Urge Congress to Approve Funding for Melanoma Research

12/10/2014 |  Final Budget Bill Doubles DoD Funding Available for Melanoma Research

12/03/2014 |  NCI FY 2016 Budget Plan Highlights Critical Opportunities

11/17/2014 |  Society of Melanoma Research International Congress

11/13/2014 |  MRA Applauds Congress for Getting the Sunscreen Innovation Act over the Goal Line

09/26/2014 |  AACR Conference Showcases Developments in Melanoma

09/17/2014 |  MRA Applauds Senate Passage of the Sunscreen Innovation Act

09/12/2014 |  MRA Letter of Support to Senate on the Sunscreen Innovation Act

09/04/2014 |  MRA Applauds Latest Drug Approval as Major Breakthrough

09/02/2014 |  MRA Announces 2014-2015 Request For Proposals

08/29/2014 |  MRA Comments to Senate HELP Committee on the Sunscreen Innovation Act

07/28/2014 |  MRA Applauds Speedy Passage of Sunscreen Innovation Act

07/21/2014 |  (Video) Watch Melanoma Expert Dr. Jedd Wolchok Talk about PD-1 Clinical Trials

07/11/2014 |  MRA Hails Launch of Expanded Access Program in Advanced Melanoma


07/07/2014 |  MRA Applauds Hawaii for Becoming 10th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

06/16/2014 |  MRA Ranked #1 Grant-Giving Disease Foundation by GEN

06/03/2014 |  ASCO Annual Meeting Features Developments in Melanoma Research and Immunotherapies

05/29/2014 |  MRA Applauds Louisiana for Becoming 9th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

05/29/2014 |  MRA Applauds FDA's Reclassification of Tanning Devices

05/27/2014 |  MRA Welcomes Distinguished Physician-Scientist Suzanne L. Topalian, M.D., to its Board of Directors

05/27/2014 |  MRA Applauds Minnesota for Becoming 8th State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors

05/22/2014 |  MRA Applauds Launch of Expanded Access Program in Advanced Melanoma

05/01/2014 |  It’s THAT Worth It™ Campaign Ambassadors Urge Public to Join the Thunderclap to Raise Awareness to Prevent Melanoma and Support Life-Saving Research

04/16/2014 |  AMERICAN IDOL® LIVE! 2014 TOUR Supports the Melanoma Research Alliance

12/03/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and the Hidary Foundation Fund Research Study of Melanoma Genomics

11/22/2013 |  New Research Progress Highlighted at the SMR Annual Congress Meeting

11/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Holds Record-Breaking Benefit Dinner at Sotheby’s New York

10/21/2013 |  MRA Welcomes Two New Board Members-Cindy Hensley McCain and Dr. Elliott Sigal

08/16/2013 |  MRA Commends Illinois on New Tanning Bed Restrictions for Minors

08/12/2013 |  MRA Releases 2013-2014 Request For Proposals

08/08/2013 |  MRA Applauds CDC, Office of the Surgeon General for Focusing on Skin Cancer Prevention

08/02/2013 |  Senate Recommends Increased Funding for Medical Research

08/02/2013 |  MRA Letter to FDA Supporting Reclassification of Tanning Devices

07/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance and Prizeo Launch Sweepstakes Campaign to Win the Ultimate American Idol® Live! Tour 2013 Experience

06/26/2013 |  MRA Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

06/18/2013 |  Texas Becomes Fifth State to Enact New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/06/2013 |  MRA Applauds Nevada on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

06/04/2013 |  MRA Statement on Melanoma Developments at the ASCO 2013 Annual Meeting

05/29/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA Approval of Two Genetically-Targeted Melanoma Therapies and Companion Diagnostic

05/22/2013 |  MRA Applauds Oregon on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

05/13/2013 |  Leveraged Finance Community Unites to Support Melanoma Research Alliance

05/06/2013 |  MRA Statement on FDA's Proposed Reclassification of Tanning Devices


04/15/2013 |  Melanoma Research Alliance awards $9.6 million in research grants

04/11/2013 |  Giada De Laurentiis Appears in New PSA For the Melanoma Research Alliance and Stand Up To Cancer

04/10/2013 |  Melanoma Developments Highlighted at 2013 AACR Annual Meeting

01/29/2013 |  MRA Names Louise M. Perkins, Ph.D., as First Full-time Chief Science Officer

12/18/2012 |  New Cancer Immunology Dream Team Announced

09/27/2012 |  Stand Up To Cancer and the Melanoma Research Alliance collaborate on PSA starring Laura Linney

09/26/2012 |  MRA's letter to support Life-Threatening Diseases Compassion Through Combination Therapy Act of 2012

09/21/2012 |  MRA Welcomes MD Anderson’s “Moon Shots” Program Effort

09/11/2012 |  The Melanoma Research Alliance featured in Stand Up To Cancer Telecast

07/06/2012 |  MRA releases comments on USPSTF Transparency and Accountability Act of 2012

06/20/2012 |  Dermascope: The Science of Prevention by MRA's Laura Brockway-Lunardi

06/04/2012 |  MRA-Funded Studies Take Center Stage in Fight against Deadly Skin Cancer at ASCO

05/17/2012 |  A preview of melanoma discoveries to come at ASCO 2012

05/14/2012 |  MRA's Letter to Congressman Bilbray in support of establishing a skin cancer fund at NIH

05/08/2012 |  MRA releases statement on Federal Task Force recommendations on preventing skin cancer

04/24/2012 |  MRA awards $4.9 million in research grants to investigators at 22 labs

04/05/2012 |  MRA Releases Statement on the Mayo Clinic's Study Concerning the Increasing Incidence of Melanoma

04/04/2012 |  Progress in melanoma highlighted at 2012 AACR meeting

02/01/2012 |  MRA releases statement on new report about the dangers of tanning beds

12/15/2011 |  Statement from MRA's Wendy Selig about Innovative Dream Team

12/14/2011 |  MRA and SU2C announce Melanoma Dream Team Award

10/10/2011 |  MRA Congratulates California on New Tanning Bed Restrictions

09/20/2011 |  Wendy Selig comments on release of AACR Cancer Progress Report 2011

08/17/2011 |  MRA Applauds Today's FDA Approval of Breakthrough New Treatment for Fighting Melanoma

07/25/2011 |  MRA Corporate Allies Step Up Efforts in May

07/12/2011 |  MRA Awards $5.6 Million in Research Grants

06/15/2011 |  MRA Welcomes FDA Regulations on Sunscreen Products

06/12/2011 |  MRA Remembers Courage of Laura Ziskin

06/06/2011 |  MRA Welcomes Latest Advances in Melanomaand Research Findings Revealed at ASCO Annual Meeting

03/25/2011 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Welcomes Approval of Ipilimumab to Treat Melanoma

11/11/2010 |  MRA Salutes Progress in Melanoma Research

11/01/2010 |  Melanoma Research Alliance Raises $5 Million at First Annual Benefit Dinner

09/07/2010 |  MRA Comments in Response to the FDA's Request for Information about Methodologic and Regulatory Issues in the Development of Combinatorial Therapies