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100+WebSince our founding in 2007, MRA has invested over $150 million in cutting-edge melanoma research across the globe. We’ve leveraged this with an additional $415 million from other sources—magnifying the impact of our work. MRA-funded research has touched all 15 of the new treatments approved by the FDA. 

Together, we are making incredible headway. But we still need your help. 

Make a donation, start an online fundraiser, or host an event—you can help amplify melanoma awareness and raise critical funding to finally cure this disease! How you choose to get involved is up to you, but when you partner with us, 100% of all donations go to melanoma research.

Together, we can defeat melanoma.


“I wanted to do something in the area of melanoma, and what I loved about MRA is that all the money goes to research,” explains Mary Jo. “I have two friends who died of melanoma in the last year, so I know there is a lot more work to do, and I feel there is a reason I’m still here. Supporting MRA is something that I need to do now to help other patients with melanoma.”

- Mary Jo Rogers (Melanoma Survivor & Member of MRA Board of Directors)