Melanoma Exchange Patient Forum

MRA’s Melanoma Exchange Patient Forum brings together melanoma patients, survivors, advocates, and their caregivers and loved ones to provide lay-friendly, state-of-the- science education, promote collaboration, and provide networking opportunities across the melanoma community.

Recordings from May 6 Patient Forum are coming soon!

2021 Forum

The 2021 event was held April 15 and May 6. Participants heard from leading melanoma experts from across the country and had the opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and network with other people who are going through their own melanoma journey. Each session was been designed to provide information, insight, and practical strategies that patients and families need to better navigate melanoma diagnosis, treatment, or beyond. 

Session One: The Melanoma Treatment & Research Landscape

Session Two: Surviving & Thriving Despite Melanoma

Session Three: Diagnosing Melanomas in the Grey Zone

Session Four: Diagnostic Accuracy and the Potential of AI

Session Five: Melanoma & Skin of Color

Session Six: Doubling Down on Rare Melanomas

2020 Melanoma > Exchange

2020 Materials: Agenda | Speaker Biographies

Session 1: Melanoma Treatment Landscape

Current Treatment Landscape Presentation

Session 2: Is it Hope or Hype?

Hope or Hype Introduction Presentation 

Session 3: Ask the Expert: Animal Models 

Animal Models Presentation

Session 4: Looking Beyond 2020: The Next Decade of Melanoma Treatment

Beyond 2020 Introduction Presentation

Session 5: Message from the U.S. Surgeon General

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