Sponsor a Named Award

Sponsor a Named AwardMRA Named Grant Awards allow an individual, group, or organization to support all or part of a future MRA research award in their name or in honor of a loved one. Named award opportunities become available when you reach an aggregate giving level of $150,000 or more. MRA staff will work with you to assess and select an eligible awardee out of a vetted pool of applicants that have been thoroughly evaluated by our world renowned MRA Grant Review Committee.

Once selected, all future references to the grant award by MRA or the investigator will reference the named award in press releases, funding announcements, news coverage, and future publications. We will also create opportunities for you to meet and develop a relationship with your funded investigator at the MRA Scientific Retreat and other events. You will also receive annual Impact Reports that explain the goals and detail the progress of your funded investigator.

Named Awards stand as a tribute to the importance of private philanthropy in research and the legacy of you or your loved one. Choosing to dedicate a named award to a loved one who has passed due to melanoma, who is currently battling the disease, or who is now a survivor is the perfect way to honor their fight and journey while supporting the next generation of researchers.   

Funding For Young Melanoma Researchers

To learn more about MRA Named Grant Awards or to speak to someone from our staff, please email: Janine Rauscher at jrauscher@curemelanoma.org or call 202-336-8944. 

"My son, Lee, was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma that had metastasized to his brain over 5 years ago. Lee had brain surgery and was treated with the then new immunotherapy drug, Nivolumab (Opdiva). As I learned more about melanoma, it became very important for me to get involved in educating people about the prevention of and the new treatments for melanoma. I also knew that fundraising was critical to support innovative research projects that were being proposed. The Melanoma Research Alliance is an outstanding organization that is accomplishing these goals." 

- Meyer 'Skip' Grinberg (Melanoma Advocate)