Mary Jo Rogers

Melanoma Patient
Melanoma Advocate

Mary Jo Rogers* is a stage IV melanoma survivor and steadfast supporter of skin cancer awareness and melanoma research.  Initially diagnosed as stage III, Mary Jo entered into a clinical trial only to find a year later she had been receiving a placebo, allowing cancer to advance to her lungs. Upon receiving the stage IV diagnosis, Mary Jo was treated with the drug ipilimumab.  When results showed the treatment was not combatting her cancer, she entered a promising nivolumab trial at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. The drug began taking effect almost immediately and within one year her lung tumors were eradicated.

Throughout her battle with melanoma, Mary Jo became a passionate advocate for research, particularly relating to immunotherapy. In April 2013 she was honored at the Moffitt Cancer Center Magnolia Ball and in February 2014, she participated on a panel at the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) Seventh Annual Scientific Retreat. 

In addition to supporting MRA, Mary Jo allocates her time to serving as a peer-to-peer counselor for patients battling melanoma and sits on the boards of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts and various other local organizations in Maryland.  Mary Jo received her B.A. in political science from Emmanuel College. She lives with her husband, Brian, in Baltimore, Maryland and has three children, Hilary, Peter and Sydney.

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