Mucosal Melanoma Model Catalog

To facilitate preclinical research focused on mucosal melanoma, MRA is building the Mucosal Melanoma Model Catalog composed of cell lines and patient derived xenograft (PDX) models from various institutions worldwide.

The catalog will serve as a launching pad for researchers who want to study mucosal melanoma – providing awareness of preclinical models that have been created by other research laboratories and avoiding the timely process of creating new models from scratch. Please note that model exchanges between research laboratories are not guaranteed and in most cases would require an MTA between institutions and potentially an approved model use research request. MRA’s intent is to advance research on mucosal melanoma by building awareness and encouraging collaboration within the melanoma research community. 

You can navigate through Tableau (below) to find mucosal models with specific genomic mutations. MRA’s Mucosal Melanoma Model Catalog provides additional basic information on each model including demographics, clinical characteristics, and a more detailed oncogenomic profile, with contact information and details on how to access, grow and maintain each model. Detailed genomic and clinical information on all available mucosal models with corresponding contact information is available here.

MRA aims to keep updating the list of mucosal melanoma models as they become available. 

Questions should be sent to Joan Levy, PhD.