Dr. Gary Deng & The Wellness Principles

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Senior Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 9 May 2022 | Allies & Partnerships, Prevention, Treatment

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A melanoma diagnosis and treatment are lifechanging. It’s easy – and common – to feel overwhelmed and out of control. During this difficult and scary time, it’s often helpful to focus on what you can control, such as: your diet, exercise, amount of sleep you get, and the stress you experience. Not only can this make you feel more in control, research shows it can also improve your treatment outcomes.

Gary Deng, MD, PhD – Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – knows this firsthand. And now, for the first time, Dr. Deng is sharing his unique and highly respected wellness approach with everyone through his upcoming book, The Wellness Principles – Cooking for a Healthy Life. The book is available for preorder now and ships widely on May 25, 2022. 

The book includes easy-to-follow advice, recipes, and other evidence-based tips to achieve optimal health. 

On May 19, MRA CEO Marc Hurlbert, PhD hosted a short discussion with Dr. Deng about The Wellness Principles and how it can support patients and families affected by melanoma. 

“With the right amount of water, sunshine, fertilizer, and soil – a plant will thrive. That’s what we are looking to do, but with an entire person,” says Deng.  

 The Wellness Principles – Cooking for a Healthy Life is available for preorder now and will ship starting May 25, 2022.