Kids Have No Place in Tanning Beds

29 August 2013 In News

It has been said that tanning beds are shaped like coffins for a reason.  The ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by tanning beds is a known carcinogenic—the World Health Organization (WHO) recently named both UVA and UVB rays as such, along with cancer-causing agents like cigarettes and asbestos.  But, despite the...

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New Melanoma Stories

27 August 2013 In Melanoma Stories

We are very privileged that melanoma survivors and their families continue to share their journeys with MRA's community of supporters and friends. We've recently added two new stories to the Survivor Stories section of our website, and here's a preview:

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Melanoma News Round-Up, August 23

23 August 2013 In News

Why are redheads more susceptible to melanoma?  Will an adhesive tape become an easier way to test for melanoma?  What has MRA been up to lately? Catch up on the week's melanoma news with the stories below: Why Redheads Burn: Gene Receptor Linked to Red Hair and Melanoma via ScienceWorldReport...

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Quick Video: What is the Best Way to Prevent and Detect Melanoma?

20 August 2013 In News

We really like the drawing format of this new melanoma awareness and prevention video produced by the Douglas Wright Foundation and narrated by Dr. Michael Evans, who specializes in creating engaging health media.  How do you think they've done? [youtube url=] If you're interested in reading more about the German cohort study...

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Melanoma News Round-Up August 16, 2013

16 August 2013 In News

It's been a big two weeks for melanoma-related news and stories.  Check out the links below to catch up on teen tanning bed bans, melanoma research, and UPF clothing! No bronzing, no smoking via the Chicago Tribune Melanoma refuses to abide the laws of general civilization via Lambrolizumab demonstrates significant...

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Win a trip to Nashville in MRA's Donation Contest

13 August 2013 In News

Some of the MRA team meeting the Idols before their show in VA. This could be you![/caption]

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Eight defining experiences as an intern at MRA

8 August 2013 In Melanoma Stories

 After a whirlwind summer at the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), I looked back at some of the more memorable experiences.  While some gave me a better perspective on the medical field and some taught me about how the MRA organization runs, all of them opened my mind to the importance...

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Melanoma News Round-Up August 2, 2013

2 August 2013 In News

Here's the week in melanoma-related news: Hospital Staff Hold a Wedding for a Late-Stage Melanoma Patient via The Border Mail Scientists Seek to Rein In Diagnoses of Cancer via the New York Times Tattoos can Hide Melanoma, Experts Say via WebMD Meet the Woman Who Survived Five Melanomas via The Telegraph New Therapy...

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A Word About May

1 August 2013 In Allies & Partnerships

We just wanted to take a minute and give some long-overdue thanks to the fabulous corporate allies who helped us run a successful Melanoma Awareness Month back in May!  Through online and in-store efforts, the allies helped raise funds for MRA’s scientific research programs and also increased awareness of...

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Melanoma News Round-Up July 26, 2013

26 July 2013 In News

 Here are some of the best melanoma-related stories we came across this week:Breaking down the process of a cancer cell like a cloak and dagger video game via theEditorial.comPediatric Melanoma is Difficult to Diagnose and Cases are Rising via ABCNewsMarine sponge vaccine will 'hunt, kill tumours' via Fairfax NZ News...

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