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What Melanoma Patients Need to Know About AMTAGVI

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 28 March 2024 In News, Science, Treatment

You may have heard of AMTAGVI, also known by the generic name lifileucel, a new therapy that recently earned FDA approval. AMTAGVI is a type of cellular therapy that uses Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) to treat patients with advanced melanoma whose melanoma hasn’t responded – or quit responding – to PD-1 based immunotherapies and BRAF/MEK targeted therapy if their melanoma has the BRAF mutation.

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Melanoma Research Alliance and Antidote Improve the Clinical Trial Navigator Experience for Patients and Caregivers

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 26 March 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Science, Treatment

In an effort to empower and assist melanoma patients in their clinical trial search, MRA first joined forces with Antidote in 2017 to provide a streamlined, easy-to-use clinical trial search tool. Recently, we launched a major update to the tool with enhancements to make searches more patient-centric, especially for individuals who are impacted by rare melanoma subtypes and those seeking systemic therapy at earlier stages of disease.

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The Future of Immunotherapy & Cell-based Therapies

11 March 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, News, Science, Treatment

“Melanoma research helped lead the way to a lot of paradigm shifts in cancer treatment,” says Dr. Antoni Ribas, Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). 

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Toni English's Journey from Mucosal Melanoma Patient to Advocate

By Renee Orcione, MRA Digital Engagement & Communications Manager | 28 February 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Melanoma Stories, Science, Treatment

In the five years since overcoming Stage 4 mucosal melanoma, Toni English has found her life’s passion advocating for patients and families and championing research to answer the many questions that surround this rare melanoma.

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Recordings from MRA's 2024 Patient Forum

27 February 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, Prevention, Science, Treatment

MRA’s 2024 Patient Forum brought together melanoma patients, survivors, advocates, and their loved ones to provide lay-friendly, state-of-the-science education and promote collaboration.

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Melanoma Immunotherapies & Immune-related Adverse Events: A Conversation with Dr. Alexandra-Chloé Villani

By Tanisha Jackson, PhD - MRA Scientific Program Director | 5 February 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Science, Treatment

Immune-related adverse events (irAEs) are side effects experienced by patients undergoing immunotherapy to treat their melanoma (or other cancer). In November, at the annual Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) meeting, we spoke with Dr. Alexandra-Chloé Villani, an MRA-funded investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital, to learn more about immune-related adverse events and the research she leads in this area.

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100,000 Americans Estimated to be Diagnosed with Invasive Melanoma in 2024

By Joan Levy, PhD - MRA Chief Science Officer | 26 January 2024 In News, Prevention, Science, Treatment

Each January, the American Cancer Society (ACS) releases updated estimates about trends in new cancer cases and deaths in its annual report, Cancer Facts and Figures. This report highlights the estimated incidence (number of new cases), prevalence (number of people alive today with a history of cancer), and survival statistics for...

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Where Innovation Meets Impact: MRA 2023 Annual Report

23 January 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, Melanoma Stories, News, Policy, Prevention, Science, Treatment

MRA is a world leader in advancing transformational science that has caused paradigm shifts in what it means to be diagnosed with and treated for melanoma. The innovative research we support isn’t just changing science — it’s giving patients more treatment options that translate to longer, fuller lives.

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Overcoming Brain Mets & LMD: Sean Wachter’s Melanoma Journey

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Senior Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 22 January 2024 In Melanoma Stories, Science, Treatment

Ten years ago, Sean Wachter never expected to have a loving spouse, children, or a life that feels worth living. That’s because, by his own admission, he’s done more living in the past 7 years than he did in the prior 31 as he overcame stage 4 melanoma with leptomeningeal disease...

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New Research Alert: Melanoma and Microbiota: Current Understanding and Future Directions

8 January 2024 In Allies & Partnerships, Events, News, Science, Treatment

A perspective article summarizing the field’s current knowledge on how the gut microbiota affects melanoma response to immunotherapy, and how this knowledge can be used to improve patient outcomes was recently published in the journal Cancer Cell. 

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