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The Most-Shared Melanoma Stories of 2013

30 December 2013 In News

[caption id="attachment_714" align="alignright" width="350"] A melanoma tumor as seen with photoacoustic microscopy, Lihong Wang, Washington University in St. Louis[/caption] There was plenty of exciting melanoma news in 2013, from scientific breakthroughs to new treatments to effective melanoma awareness initiatives.

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Melanoma News Round-Up, August 23

23 August 2013 In News

Why are redheads more susceptible to melanoma?  Will an adhesive tape become an easier way to test for melanoma?  What has MRA been up to lately? Catch up on the week's melanoma news with the stories below: Why Redheads Burn: Gene Receptor Linked to Red Hair and Melanoma via ScienceWorldReport...

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