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Melanoma News Round-Up, May 17

17 May 2014 In News

So much exciting news as we pass the halfway point of Melanoma Awareness Month! ICYMI we shared our new video highlighting MRA's collaborative approach to melanoma research and raising awareness. [youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2gI8RO4WrE]We also shared Jamie's story as she expressed 'the reality of "surviving" stage IV melanoma.' Next Tuesday, May 20, two...

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Ready. Set. May!

3 May 2014 In News

Melanoma Awareness Month is here and we've got tons in store this month.  Check out MRA's new video "Progress for Patients" below.   If you like it, share it!  And don't forget to celebrate Melanoma Monday on May 5th by engaging with MRA on social media! [youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5my5tR5SzxU]USA Today offers...

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Melanoma News Round-Up, April 25

25 April 2014 In News

[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1qAZvRjbCU&w=853&h=480]Catch the latest updates from MRA in our April newsletter! And don't forget to lend your voice to helping us defeat melanoma through our Thunderclap campaign! L'Oreal Exec's Personal Battle with Melanoma Led to Sunscreen Ads via AdAge Big Increase in Most Serious Skin Cancer Says Charity via BBC...

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Gearing up for Giving Tuesday

2 December 2013 In Events

Did you know that the Oxford Dictionary has named "Selfie" the 2013 Word of the Year?  Well, on Giving Tuesday, we ask everyone who supports us take #unselfies!  An "unselfie" is a picture of someone doing good, or a picture that explains why you give.

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Win a trip to Nashville in MRA's Donation Contest

13 August 2013 In News

Some of the MRA team meeting the Idols before their show in VA. This could be you![/caption]

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Eight defining experiences as an intern at MRA

8 August 2013 In Melanoma Stories

 After a whirlwind summer at the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), I looked back at some of the more memorable experiences.  While some gave me a better perspective on the medical field and some taught me about how the MRA organization runs, all of them opened my mind to the importance...

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A Word About May

1 August 2013 In Allies & Partnerships

We just wanted to take a minute and give some long-overdue thanks to the fabulous corporate allies who helped us run a successful Melanoma Awareness Month back in May!  Through online and in-store efforts, the allies helped raise funds for MRA’s scientific research programs and also increased awareness of...

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Changing Perceptions and Building a Business on Safe Sun: Guest Post by Mott 50

By Monique Moore, Co-Founder, Mott 50 | 20 June 2013 In Allies & Partnerships

Mott 50 Co-Founders Anne Botica Reilly and Monique Moore[/caption] This summer Mott 50 is introducing the Pale is Pretty campaign— a social awareness initiative designed to encourage people to think critically about their sun safety practices and pledge to ‘Practice Safe Sun.’ Our mission at Mott 50 is to...

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